Planning a Recognition Event

Planning a recognition event requires creativity, time management, and acute attention to detail.

Brainstorm with the event coordinators in your organization to prepare a pre-event checklist. Include the details of the task, responsibilities, appropriate contact person, and the deadline.


Contact Person















You can also use the checklist below to help you get started:

  • Set Event Date
  • Determine Location
  • Send Invitations
  • Determine Final Guest Count
  • Identify Award Recipients
  • Choose Award(s)
  • Set Budget
  • Choose Theme
  • Notify Presenters
  • Notify Award Winners

Click here to download a Sample Pre-Event Checklist.

The requirements for your recognition event will vary depending on the type of recognition program, including day-to-day, formal, and informal. Formal recognition programs often involve a structured nomination process and include an awards ceremony where employees receive recognition in a formal setting. When planning a formal recognition event, consider the following questions: 

  • Who should present? The highest-ranking manager who personally knows the employee and their accomplishments.  
  • What should I say? Know exactly what is being recognized. What contribution has this employee made to the company?

Do not mix good comments with bad, focus on the very best things.

  • Explain the symbolism behind the award. Explain how it relates to the company goals and values.
  • Ask others to prepare comments.
  • Ask the recipient to make comments.
Close by sincerely thanking the recipient.
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