Recognition Tips

Recognition is not difficult; you'll be surprised at just how simple it is to raise the performance bar in your organization.

When implemented correctly, employee recognition programs will help you create highly engaged employees. Offering recognition through positive praise is an effective way to mold and influence your employees to perform.

There are many ways to reward employees for positive behavior. Organizations deliver praise in a variety of ways – employee awards, gift cards, cash bonuses, and travel incentives; however, most experts agree that frequency, timeliness, and specific recognition are critical factors to the success of a recognition program - not just the tool being used.

Here are some keys to giving sincere recognition to engage your employees:

  • Recognize or show your appreciation as immediately as possible after the event or action you want to point out.
  • Be specific. Avoid general platitudes and global statements.
  • Mention how the action or behavior was personally helpful or fits within the bigger team or organization vision, values, and purpose.
  • Keep it brief. Long, detailed compliments can be uncomfortable and sound over done.
  • Ask if there's anything you can do to provide further support or service to that person or team.
  • Ask yourself whether that exchange helped enlarge the team or individual's self-determination and self-motivation or did it increase their dependence on your approval?
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