Selecting the Right Award

    Creating a recognition experience starts with a few simple pieces that unite to form a nostalgic memory for the recipient. Set the stage to create a great memory using the A.W.A.R.D acronym:

    Award – Select an appropriate award that fits the achievement and personal taste of the recipient

    How To Pick the Right Award
    Choosing the right award for a recipient is like picking out an engagement ring. Every decision – style, design, shape, font choice, etc. - comes down to the preference of the recipient.

    Follow these recommendations to keep this process simple:

    • Choose an award design that the recipient will like
    • The magnitude of the achievement should dictate the size and weight of the award
    • Include a sincere message on the award
    • Personalize with recipient name and event date
    • Incorporate the company logo subtly

    You will make a one-time investment in an award that you will give away, but the recipient will yield a return multiple times over. So choose specifically and on purpose.

    Who –The person who directly oversees the recipient should present the award. Click here for more information about what to say when presenting an award.

    Authentic and Accurate – Present the award in an environment that aligns with the recipients’ preference; some people prefer public recognition while others desire less of the spotlight.

    Reflect – The person presenting the award should share details of the accomplishment by specifically stating how the recipient has to make a difference. Click here for more information about what to say when presenting an award.

    Distinguishing– Be specific, the more specifically you can describe the attributes of a recipient, the more meaningful the presentation becomes and the more enduring the memory.

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