What Happens After the Event?

After the recognition event is complete, it is important to informally evaluate its effectiveness. Be sure to debrief with the presenters, attendees, recipients, and planners. Ask each group the following questions: 

  • Presenters – How can we improve the award presentation for next time?
  • Attendees – What should be changed for the next recognition event?
  • Recipients – What would have made your recognition experience more memorable?
  • Event Coordinators – How can we improve the pre-event planning process?

You can ask these questions in a variety of ways. Many organizations prefer short surveys to gather feedback. Others opt for a short concise meeting.

Click here to download Event Feedback Survey Template

After you’ve gone through the program and had the event, it is important to look at what worked and what did not work. This can help an organization make the proper changes to ensure a successful and ongoing recognition program. At this step, it is important to make continual improvements to your recognition program.

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