Manager Involvement

Managers are the key to the success of any recognition program. Managers want increased employee productivity, decreased turnover, and increased employee satisfaction. However, few know how to use recognition to achieve these results.

In the following sections, you will learn about the role managers play in developing and implementing effective employee recognition programs. Recognition programs are one way manager’s can engage their employees.

For many organizations, gaining management buy-in for an employee engagement program is crucial to its success. Research shows that without management buy-in, engagement programs are likely to fail or have a low ROI.

Senior managers are the key ingredient to a successful engagement program for two reasons:

1. Employees work for managers, not organizations: The feedback employees receive from their manager has the ability to make them feel appreciated or unimportant. When unappreciated, employees become disengaged and seek alternative employment opportunities. Therefore, employees often leave their jobs based on the relationship with their manager, not the organization.

2. The manager-employee relationship determines employee satisfaction: The relationship an employee has with their manager also determines their overall satisfaction at work. According to a study conducted by Northwestern University's Forum for People Performance Management, "Interaction between managers and employees with regards to supportiveness and goal-setting, as well as job design are … key drivers of employee engagement."

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